BARX—The Trader's Best Friend

Barclays wanted a unified brand for their set of trading platforms. With a complex product suite, simplicity was paramount. They had the name, BARX, an acronym for Barclays Automated Realtime eXecution. I created the tagline, "The Trader's Best Friend", personalizing the brand. The implied "master/dog" relationship supported its positioning of giving traders more control.  



Institutional traders are unique to the financial services industry. Young, mostly male and highly aspirational, they are passionate about working in the hothouse of trading rooms. Yet, the marketing environment emphasizes a bland, abstracted world of amorphous technology, stripped clean of emotion and relevance. Nobody was speaking their language. 


So what do traders really care about? 

The same things as lots of young men driven by dreams of success. They want to be winners. And they crave the spoils of victory. 



To create this animated campaign, I teamed up with creative director, Matt Campbell and a small animation house in New Zealand, Mukpuddy. 

We elevated the BARX canine connection to the level of an iconic comic hero. In a noirish world, the BARX dog triumphs by being smarter and more nimble. The dog's challenges are parables for problems facing traders. His triumphs forge an unambiguous emotional connection to the brand. 



With astounding "play to completion" rates on,, and other financial sites, it was no surprise when other investment banks came calling to ask for the something similar.