Surfing the learning curve

Caméra d’Or winning film director and writer, Michael Rowe, is a fellow Aussie who, like me, departed for foreign shores in his early twenties. Unlike me, he had the good sense to immigrate immediately to Mexico, a smart move that puts him several decades ahead and at the time of writing this post, many degrees warmer. Last year, at the Oaxaca Film Festival over lunch at my favorite fancy Oaxacan restaurant, Los Danzantes, he invited me to teach at his school in Mexico City, La Escuela Itinerante de Cine y Narativo. I haven’t taught at a film school before, but how could I resist?

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Ian Keldoulis
Fun things happen when you say, yes!

The Oaxaca Film Festival is one of the few writer-centric events on the international festival circuit. It’s intimate, unlike Austin where the sheer crush of screenwriter hopefuls is daunting. In Oaxaca, camaraderie trumps competitiveness. And there’s mezcal.

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Ian KeldoulisComment
The Great American TV Show

Who in the world can take their eyes off America? The present administration is bent on “deconstructing” government at train wreck velocity. 

While the country goes off the rails, we find ourselves binge watching a show that's lasted an astonishing 240 seasons. But I wonder, will the longest-running democracy be renewed for a 241st? 

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