Downey Side AdOption Agency

Downey Side's dedication helped them survive for 45 years. But sheer determination isn't enough. You couldn't even find them on Google when I first started working with them. Flat out finding permanent homes for kids in foster care, their marketing and communications, where it existed, was a mess. Multiple logos, incoherent messaging and disparate communication paths. They needed an overall strategy to unite their regional offices and gain a national presence for future fund raising. 



Their existing logo was designed not to offend. Amateurish and indistinguishable from numerous other stick figure logos in this category with a vague tagline, it lacked any emotional appeal. But what could be more emotionally charged than building a family? 


Through interviewing adoptive families, I discovered they don't need to be convinced to take the plunge and adopt. What they need, and what Downey Side provides, is the guidance through the tangle of red tape that keeps kids in a cycle of "temporary" foster care. 

I crafted a brief and working with the agency HNW we created a powerful new look and feel. Akin to the Amnesty International logo, it serves as more than a brand signifier—it demands response. 




Together with HNW, we created a single responsive web site that replaced the many regional ones. 

We developed a social media presence and streamlined the donation process to a few simple clicks. 

Downey Side is ready for prime time. Coming soon: A crowd-funded book for their 50th Anniversary.