JCPR, a mid-size public relations firm, felt stymied by its brand. The world of communications had evolved rapidly and so too had the scope of its activities which included content creation, social media, video and marketing. The company was looking to build on its legacy while telling its new story to a broader range of prospects beyond its core of financial services. 




Internal surveys showed that employees had a markedly different perception of the company than its public persona. 

The young and vibrant culture of the company was at a complete disconnect with the image it portrayed.



This was distilled into two primary colors, supported by secondary and tertiary colors that allowed for thematic usage.



By pegging the brand attributes to established color theory, it became possible to dispassionately develop a lively color palette, free of the individual biases that had rendered previous efforts fruitless.



Removing PR from the name made room for the broader offering. Changing to a single initial maintained brand integrity with a subtle shift in focus from the founder to the entire team. The streamline “Universe” font embodies clear communication. 


Clients and prospects saw JConnelly in a new light, spurring business development in fields far removed from its traditional financial services base.



Equally important, the rebrand empowered the company to express itself more authentically; “walking the walk” of integrated communications through its own website, social media presence and videos.