The Coliseum—Feature

A young man emerges from the emotional ruin of his parents’ breakup to discover that family are the people who love you. 


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The Sinking of America—TV PILOT

After a mysterious sinkhole swallows a school in Florida, a skeptical insurance adjuster and a shady psychic become strange bedfellows in their pursuit of the almighty dollar. 

Best Short Script 2016

Best Short Script 2016


Toyz On Demand!—Feature 

The North Pole melts and Santa, the world's most generous man, finally gets what he wants—his ticket to retirement. But he learns the hard way: Be careful what you wish for! 

Mad men: Cabin Fever—(Spec script) 

A snow storm traps Don Draper at home with the family. The enforced "quality time" provides the inspiration he needs for Sterling Cooper's latest pitch. (Season 2 Spec Script)